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本文摘要:When future historians report human progress during the 21st century, they may conclude that one of the key moments took place a year ago in Elon Musks bedroom. His eureka!

When future historians report human progress during the 21st century, they may conclude that one of the key moments took place a year ago in Elon Musks bedroom. His eureka! moments happen every few months. Sometimes during his morning shower, sometimes late at night before sleep, sometimes, as on this occasion, waking at 2 a.m.当总结人类在21世纪获得的变革时,未来的历史学家可能会下这样的结论:其中的一个最重要时刻是一年前在埃隆·穆斯克的卧室内再次发生的。他的建构启发每几个月就不会火山爆发一次,有时是在早晨淋浴,有时是在夜晚睡前,有时——比如这次——再次发生在凌晨2点醒来时。This is how he described that moment to me: I realized that a methane-oxygen rocket engine could achieve a specific impulse greater than 380.他是这样对我叙述那一时刻的:“我意识到用于甲烷-氧气型火箭发动机可以取得380秒以上的比冲。”(比冲指火箭发动机单位重量推进剂产生的冲量,工程中习惯以“秒”为单位——学术著作)Okay, it doesnt sound particularly historic. Until you realize that a rocket of that spec has adequate range to escape Earths upper atmosphere and travel to Mars. And that it so happens that Mars has plenty of carbon dioxide (CO2) and permafrost (H2O), which could be neatly converted into the aforementioned methane (CH4) and liquid oxygen (O2). Which means you could create the fuel for the journey home right there on Mars itself. And that transforms the long-term economics of space travel between Earth and Mars because it means that you could send manned spacecraft to Mars without having to carry rocket fuel with you.好吧,这听得一起没尤其的历史意义。


Thats right. Elon Musk genuinely believes that within the next couple of decades, humans will be colonizing Mars. And thanks to his early morning aha! moment, we will even be able to make the return trip. That would certainly be a useful line in the recruiting ads, unless, like him, youre comfortable with the prospect of dying on Mars after helping build humanitys second home.就是这样。埃隆·穆斯克深信在接下来的二十年内,人类就可以迁居火星。归功于他这次凌晨的灵光一闪,我们甚至还能回航。在召募志愿者的广告中,这一条认同需要起着煽动起到。

除非你像他一样,不愿在协助人类创建第二个家园后长眠于火星。This is not your typical CEO.他不是一个典型的首席执行官。Youd say Elon Musk was crazy, except that he has an unnerving track record of turning his dreams into reality. His second successful Internet startup, PayPal, which was sold to eBay(EBAY, Fortune 500) in 2002 for $1.5 billion only three years after its founding, was just the warm-up. (Compaq bought his first web software company.) His next act, Space Exploration Technologies, known as SpaceX, became the first private company to deliver cargo to the Space Station and has picked up billions of dollars of orders from NASA and others. His electric-vehicle company, Tesla Motors (TSLA), with sales up more than 12-fold for the first three quarters of 2013, is proving that cars can be green and sexy. (Oh, and earlier this year, while running those two companies, he found time to unveil a radical new intercity mass-transport concept called Hyperloop.) For all those reasons and more, Fortune has named Musk its 2013 Businessperson of the Year.你不会说道埃隆·穆斯克很可怕,他在将理想变为现实这一方面,具有难以置信的记录。




】他的下一家公司,太空探寻科技公司(Space Exploration Technologies),也叫SpaceX,沦为了第一家为空间站供货的私人公司,并从美国国家航空航天局(NASA)和其他涉及机构获得了价值数十亿的订单。他的电动汽车公司特斯拉(Tesla Motors)在2013年的前三个季度里销量快速增长至原本的12倍,证明了汽车可以既环保又性感。(噢,他在忙着经营这两家公司的同时,还在今年早些时候继续做明确提出了一项全新的跨城市交通运输概念,叫作“超强电路列车”。

)基于以上列出和并未列出的理由,《财富》将他选为2013年度商业人物。When you look at the incredible range of his endeavors and search for recent comparisons in the business world, only one emerges: Steve Jobs. Most business innovations involve only incremental improvement. And of those entrepreneurs lucky enough to succeed with bigger ideas, the large majority then stick to their industry sector for expansion and consolidation. Jobs and Musk are in a category all their own: serial disrupters.鉴于他在跨度广大的有所不同领域中获得了此等成就,如果你想找寻近期的商界人物展开对比,脑海中只不会显露出有一个人:史蒂夫?乔布斯。大多数商业创新都是渐进式的改良。一些企业家幸运地将宏伟创新变成现实,然后他们中的大多数都坚守在取得成功的行业领域,扩展公司,统合能力。